Introducing… Day Swigger!

First look at Day Swigger Butter Pecan by Doc Brown Farm and Distillers

We’ve been sitting on this news for a while, but we couldn’t hold it any longer. At the beginning of May, Doc Brown Farm & Distillers will be launching a new line of spirits called… Day Swigger. These flavored bourbon liqueurs are a little treat we’ve been working on and the first one you’ll see will be a delicious butter pecan in a bijou 200ml bottle.

But let’s start with the name. Day Swigger comes from way back when we were all young rascals. Back then, Ma and Pa Brown were teetotal and when they entertained, well, let’s just say someone always used to sneak a hipflask of bourbon into the party. Some of us scallywag cousins formed a little group called the Yard Swiggers and, on the signal, we’d meet out back and share that flask. A little something to take the edge off.

We’re still fun-loving rascals, but today we’re the folks who make the bourbon. So we decided to create a line of liquors a little less serious than our Effie Jewel and Uncle Bogue bourbons – something you can enjoy as a little treat, or a reward after a long day.

Farm fresh flavors

In the bottle, we’ll bring you a blend of young whiskey that includes our Jimmy Red Corn bourbon flavored with all-natural ingredients from Georgia. First up is our Day Swigger Butter Pecan Liqueur made with extracts of Georgia-raised pecans.

A few months down the line, we hope to add a Hot Honey flavor, made with our own farm honey and southern spice. We might follow it with a sweet honey liqueur without the heat. It’s just perfect – the bees that pollinate our Jimmy Red Corn will also make the honey that goes into the Day Swigger bottle. As nature-loving Georgia farmers, we couldn’t be prouder.

Now, as we sign off, there’s just one thing we need to mention. We’ve called this line Day Swigger but that doesn’t mean we advocate daytime drinking, and we urge y’all to drink responsibly. For us Day Swigger is a little delight in a bottle – a gift for yourself or a friend. When a wink and a smile are what’s called for, us rascals down on the farm have got you covered.

Price and ABV to be confirmed…

First look at Day Swigger Butter Pecan by Doc Brown Farm and Distillers

First look at Day Swigger Butter Pecan by Doc Brown Farm and Distillers

Bourbon Cream – a true Georgia treat


Doc Brown Farm Bourbon Cream Liqueur Peppermint Mocha flavorIn the fall of 2022 we released a hearty, true Jimmy Red Corn bourbon infused with real dairy cream. We crafted a spirit that’s authentic and purposeful, taking time to get the recipe just right. Great bourbon plus real cream – the perfect pair.

Here on the farm coffee is a must to get the day started and we love it with fresh, rich cream. To create our Coffee Bourbon Cream, we found a formula that beautifully blends rich dairy cream and a delightful hint of roasted coffee followed by the slightest heat from the bourbon.

Butter Pecan is a flavor that merges the nutty notes of Georgia pecans with rich creamy butter and a hint of vanilla. It’s best described as having sweet and roasted undertones with a finish warmed up by our beautiful bourbon.

Fresh, sweet and rich, our third Bourbon Cream is Peppermint Mocha. With a cool, minty beginning, it rewards you with its coffee and cream richness and has a beautiful warm finish thanks to that Jimmy Red Corn bourbon. All three Doc Brown Farm & Distillers Bourbon Creams can be purchased on our Buy & Ship Spirits page. And, y’all watch this space – we have a new flavor in the making.

Take a look at these beauties…

Doc Brown Farm & Distillers Bourbon Cream Liqueur Butter Pecan flavor.
Doc Brown Farm & Distillers Bourbon Cream Liqueur Coffee flavor.

Doc Brown Farm and Distillers bourbon cream bottles