Farm Fresh Ethos

The fresher the food, the better it tastes and more enjoyable it is to eat. This is the philosophy we grew up with here on the farm, and it carries through to how we make our bourbon.

At Doc Brown Farm, we use natural, sustainable and traditional methods to grow our produce, resulting in bourbon that tastes better because it’s farm fresh.

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Freshness first

There’s nothing like biting into a newly picked Georgia peach or slicing a juicy sun-ripened tomato to eat in your sandwich. Although we don’t specialize in fruit and vegetables, the same is true when it comes to the Jimmy Red Corn and other heirloom grains we use in our bourbon.

At Doc Brown Farm, we plant, raise, harvest, distil and barrel within a 12-month period. This means our corn never sits in sacks or silos where its susceptible to weevils, mold and mildew. It doesn’t lose its oils or dry out and rehydrate with the climate. As a result, it maintains its distinctive flavor, which is such an important characteristic of the bourbon.

As we develop flavored bourbons and liqueurs, we are putting the same imperative on the freshness of the fruit, nuts, dairy cream and other ingredients used to make them.

Natural farming methods

Our little patch of Georgia farmland is at the heart of everything we do and, as farmers throughout the ages have known, you’ve got to treat the land right. Give to the soil and it will give back to you.

This is why we take an all-natural and sustainable approach, with no chemical pesticides or weed killers and no genetically modified organisms. The heirloom Jimmy Red Corn and Abruzzi Rye we grow is very sensitive, so we only use natural fertilizers. Wild bats patrol the corn rows at night, keeping insects at bay instead of poisonous sprays. Our own swarm of bees pollinates the crops every year.

Doing everything in harmony with nature has so many benefits. Our produce fresher and healthier, our impact on the environment is minimal, and we even make our own honey, which we hope to use in a honey bourbon liqueur. Watch this space…

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Collaborating across America

The way our food moves through commodity markets and supply chains makes it hard to trace the origin of what you eat. Often, produce is picked green and doesn’t arrive as fresh as it could. At Doc Brown Farm we are going against the grain keeping everything local. Everything used in our seed-to-still process originates in Georgia.

We’re not the only ones who believe in the farm fresh ethos. Across this golden land we share are other farmers just like us who value freshness, sustainability, traceability, traditional crops and fair trade. Our goal is to collaborate with them to create new and delicious spirits made using the best farm fresh produce from all over the United States.

In the works we have a maple bourbon using syrup farmed in Vermont, and we’re talking to a cherry farm in Washington State about how we can work together on another innovative new spirit.

Our Effie Jewel Bourbon is now available to purchase. Visit the Buy & Ship Spirits page and order yours today.

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