Welcome to the farm

Doc Brown Farm & Distillers is a family-owned, family-run business based in Senoia, Georgia. We’re a small batch craft distiller making premium liquors the old way using heirloom corn grown on the farm and crystal clear Georgia spring water.

Our farm is at the heart of everything we do. We till the soil, nurture the grain and harvest it ourselves – for the bottle and for the table. This farm and the way of life are part of our heritage going back to 1816 and it’s our job to preserve that, share its bounty and pass it on to new generations in the future.

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We’re blessed to be in the beautiful Georgia countryside, but it ain’t always easy.

Growing heirloom grain means we need to get things just right or we might just lose the crop. The weather can turn bad, and can someone tell us why machines break down right around harvest time?

But that’s all part of the game.

We love a challenge, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. You’re welcome to drop by, look around and pick up a bottle of our premium bourbon, when it’s ready.

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Meet our founders

The family team behind Doc Brown Farm & Distillers

Doc Brown Founders

Paige Dockweiler was born into a farming family in South Georgia as her father managed large plantations growing soybeans, watermelons, cotton and corn. After earning her nursing degree at the University of Georgia, Paige pursued a successful career specializing in oncology and hematology. She’s the ‘Doc’ in Doc Brown.

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Amy Brown comes from a big family with a long farming heritage and has had a successful career as a mortgage investment banker, raising two sons. She traded in her suits and heels for jeans and boots and manages the farm full time. The Doc Brown farm is a family legacy passed down to Amy and she is keeping the tradition alive.

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Daniel Williams is Amy’s oldest son and has always loved the farming way of life. As a teenager, he worked on the family farm to pay for flying lessons and eventually became a successful commercial pilot for UPS. As much as he enjoys flying, the grounded feeling he gets when he’s out in the fields raising corn is why he does it.

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“All three of us love the earth, the soil and the challenges of growing specialty crops. We also enjoy a good sip of bourbon, sitting by the fire, under the stars, after a long day’s work.”

Our values

Values - Faith
Values - Family
Values - Fortitude

These are the three foundation blocks we operate from each and every day.

We LOVE what we do and we’re having a BLAST doing it.

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