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We are excited to announce we can now ship our bottles within the US
(except to the following states: AK, AL, HI, ID, MI, MS, OK, TX, UT).

Order yours today!*

Y’all, our three Bourbon Creams are now available as pre-sale.  We are not sure which one is our favorite as each flavor has it’s own special personality….Coffee….Butter Pecan….Peppermint Mocha!!…

Here on the farm coffee is a must to get the day started….and y’all, we love it with fresh rich cream…to create our Coffee Cream, we found a formula that beautifully blends rich dairy cream and a delightful hint of roasted coffee followed by an ever-so-slight burn of our Bourbon.

Simply put, Butter Pecan is a flavor that merges the nutty notes of pecans with rich creamy butter and a hint of vanilla….it’s best described as having sweet and roasted undertones finished with an ever-so-slight burn of our beautiful Bourbon.

Peppermint candy canes announces to the world that the Holiday Season is upon us….here on the farm, we celebrate Christmas from Thanksgiving Eve to New Years Eve surrounded by family and friends from all walks of life.

Somehow, we’ve captured the ‘Taste of the Season’ in a bottle by using the finest custom-blended milk chocolate and the distilled oil of fresh peppermint. We then fold by hand the peppermint mocha extracts into our rich dairy cream and finish it with our Jimmy Red Bourbon.

Y’all, I think even Santa deserves a bottle after a long night of delivering smiles around the world.


*These products are available as a pre-sale only and will not be shipped right away. We’ve had so much fun bottling this and we can’t wait for you to taste it! The trucks will pick it up from our distillery very soon. If you order now, we will ship your delicious Bourbon Cream within 2-4 weeks – in time for the Holidays. You will be notified via email when the package has been shipped with a tracking number. Order cancellations will not be accepted due to the duration of time between the order and product shipping. Orders are placed and fulfilled through a third-party licensed retailer compliant with the industry three-tier system. Please refer to their disclosures prior to placing an order.

Effie Jewel, Resurrection Red and more will be available to purchase.
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