Let’s meet Effie Jewel

Effie Jewel Straight Bourbon Whiskey from Doc Brown Farm and distillers, bottle image

Sound the bugle, and a drum roll, please. Here at Doc Brown Farm & Distillers we are proud to announce that our Effie Jewel fine bourbon will go on sale on Sunday, October 1st, 2023. Finally, whiskey drinkers will be able to taste traditional Georgia bourbon made using heirloom Jimmy Red Corn, which we raised right here on our farm.

This is a bourbon we have nurtured from seed to still to bottle. Aged two years and nine months in char 4 oak barrels, it comes in at 46% ABV – 92 Proof and tastes deliciously smooth, smoky, with a little nuttiness thanks to our Jimmy Red Corn in the mash. We’ve bided our time, waiting for it to mature, and with the flavor just right it’s now time to bottle these casks.

Each beautiful bottle of Effie Jewel will be individually numbered – a perfect gift and a real treat for whiskey afficionados who want to discover old-style southern bourbon. Doc Brown is the only seed-to-still distiller in Georgia, and everything that goes into our whiskeys originates in this great state.

The price is to be determined, and we’ll be pouring it for the first time at our launch event on October 1st at the Distillery of Modern Art in Chamblee, GA.

Effie’s legacy

This bourbon gets its name from our great aunt, Effie Jewel – a huge source of inspiration for the Doc Brown family. Effie was a Georgia gal who grabbed the bull by the horns. Full of life and energy, no obstacle frightened her and that’s how she lived her life.

That was the kind of attitude a woman needed back in her day. She raised her boys and got her family through the Great Depression, rolling up her sleeves and working in the fields to put food on the table. Her persistence, work ethic and willingness to stand tall in a man’s world exemplifies our approach here at Doc Brown Farm.

High heels and cornfields’ is one of our mottos and Effie reminds us of inspiring women like Cleo Lythgoe, the Queen of the Bootleggers in the 1930s. With this bourbon, we want to tip our hat to all the boss ladies in the distilling industry, and everywhere.

From the Doc Brown family history files: Effie Jewel with her four sons, taken in the 1930s.

Coming soon – Salted Caramel Bourbon Cream

We are so excited that Effie Jewel has arrived, and we hope you’ll grab a bottle and tell us what you think of Jimmy Red Corn bourbon. Next up, in time for the holidays, we plan to bring you our new flavor of bourbon cream: salted caramel. Mmmm, it sure is sweet. The perfect liqueur for Thanksgiving and Christmas, don’t you think? Watch this space…

Effie Jewel Straight Bourbon Whiskey from Doc Brown Farm and distillers, bottle image


Effie Jewel Straight Bourbon Whiskey from Doc Brown Farm and distillers, cork stopper and seal image


Effie Jewel Straight Bourbon Whiskey from Doc Brown Farm and distillers, label close-up


Introducing… Uncle Bogue

Uncle Bogue four-year-old Georgia bourbon by Doc Brown Farm & DistillersY’all better get ready because our first fine Georgia bourbon is about to hit the market – and it’s a special one. Uncle Bogue is its name and, this is a limited edition, double-oaked, four-year-old bourbon that is going to turn heads – here in Georgia, and maybe even around the world. We’re launching it at a special event to be held on Sunday, October 1st, 2023, at the Distillery of Modern Art in Chamblee, GA.

Now let me tell you, we are very proud of this bourbon. Made with corn grown on Doc Brown Farm, we matured it in a char 3 cask and then finished it in a char 4 cask for a deep auburn color and a luxurious, rich, full-bodied flavor. Our original spirit, the oak, the char and the wood sugars come together for a palate whiskey lovers everywhere will truly appreciate.

We tasted it the other day down at the rickhouse and have decided that now, after four years aging, our barrel of Uncle Bogue is ready to bottle. There is only one cask, so we estimate 234 or 235 bottles will be filled, sealed and numbered with our exclusive Uncle Bogue artwork on the label.

It’s 125 proof (62.5% ABV), unfiltered and uncut, and the price is still to be confirmed.

Who was Uncle Bogue?

Like all the bourbons we’re bringing out, Uncle Bogue was made here in Georgia, and we named it in honor of our great, great uncle Bogue. A century ago, Bogue farmed the fields in this great state but also built a reputation for making fine whiskey to share with friends and family. This was done on the quiet, of course, as Prohibition was in full swing.

Both as a farmer and a distiller, Bogue was a perfectionist. He had deep set eyes, wore his hat low, didn’t talk much but when he did it was worth listening. Bogue was a patient man, who shaped the flavor of his fine spirits in some unexpected ways. A bottle from Bogue was something to treasure – he only gave them to those who’d won his respect.

That tradition of selectivity has gone into our first rare bourbon. When it’s gone, it’s gone, but Uncle Bogue will return in future as the figurehead of our limited-edition spirits – the ones we mature extra-long in special casks like old Bogue did back in the day.

Effie Jewel – coming soon

Uncle Bogue will be released alongside Effie Jewel, our first Jimmy Red Corn bourbon, which is pretty special in itself. Also made entirely here in Georgia, we’ll tell you more about Effie Jewel here on the website in a couple of weeks.

Uncle Bogue Special Reserve will be available to purchase in our online shop from October 1st 2023. Have a look at the images below.

Bottle of Uncle Bogue four-year-old Georgia bourbon by Doc Brown Farm & Distillers

Cap detail of Uncle Bogue four-year-old Georgia bourbon by Doc Brown Farm & Distillers

Label detail of Uncle Bogue four-year-old Georgia bourbon by Doc Brown Farm & Distillers


DBF in the media: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Image of Atlanta Journal-Constitution Dining page featuring Doc Brown Farm & Distillers

A big thank-you goes out to Angela Hansberger and the editorial team at The Atlanta Journal-Constitution for the feature article they published about Doc Brown Farm & Distillers on Sunday, January 8, 2023. It’s exciting and rewarding to see our names in print, and in the largest newspaper in the state on top of that.

Below you can read the article which provides an illuminating summary of what we’re doing here on the farm. (There’s just one update you need to be aware of – we are now working with a different distillery partner and not R.M. Rose.)


Meet the bourbon farmers of Doc Brown’s

Georgia partners grow heirloom red corn that is turned into whiskey.

Amy Brown calls herself a bourbon farmer. For that to make sense, you only need to learn how Doc Brown’s Farm & Distillers came to produce a line of bourbon creams that local liquor stores can’t seem to keep on their shelves.

Born and raised in Buford, Brown bought a farm in Senoia in 2018 with her partner in life and business, Paige Dockweiler – the “Doc” in the company name. While Dockweiler grew up on a farm in Cordele that grew corn and soybeans, she, like Brown, never thought farming was her future. Both had been in the professional world for 30 years – Brown in banking, and Dockweiler in oncology nursing and hematology.

During a beach trip, Brown’s son, Daniel Williams, who is her other business partner, passed around an about Jimmy Red corn and Charleston’s High Wire Distilling. They all agreed it would be a fine idea to grow the rare heirloom corn, helping preserve not just the heritage of the Native Americans who first farmed it, but also of the bootleggers who made moonshine from the deep-red kernels.

Brown got in touch with Andy Sudderth, master distiller and CEO of R.M. Rose Distillery in Dillard. After a year of growing and milling, Doc Brown’s delivered heirloom gorn to Dudderth to distill. His response: “I think you’re onto something – how much can you grow?”

After extensive research, Brown discovered that there are not many people who grow corn, distill it and bottle whiskey. “Hardly any do it all in the same state,” she said. A business plan was born.

“And, here we are, going into our fourth year making whiskey, and having an absolute blast,” Brown said.

There are 13 barrels of Jimmy Red bourbon aging for release after May 2023, the four-year mark. New oak barrells are sourced from Gainesville Cooperage, the only cooperage in Georgia. While Doc Brown’s bourbon is aging, the company also makes bourbon creams. Each flavor – butter pecan, coffee and peppermint mocha – is made with bourbon that has been aged for two years.

Brown and Dockweiler grow the non-genetically modified organism corn on their 20-acre farm, as well as 100 acres they lease, using only organic methods. There are numerous bat houses around the property, both for pollination and fighting corn earworms. They also brought in beehives, and a beekeeper to manage them.

“Even though corn is wind-pollinated, we brought in bees to help with it,” Brown said. After doing that, their second crop yield increased by 30%, both in the size of the ears and the number of kernels. In addition to buying bees, they also planted pollinator shrubs to attract the bees and bats.

Once the corn matures from yellow to deep red, it is harvested and ground to a consistency somewhere between cornmeal and grits, to carry the rich, sweet flavor to the whiskey.

The corn is trucked to Dillard, to be distilled in a hand-made copper still. R.M. Rose Distitillery has “good water,” Brown said, adding that Sudderth “dug a deep well,” and the limestone-filtered water is from the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, and doesn’t need any treatment.

“That matters,” she said. “It’s the secret ingredient in Kentucky bourbon, the same limestone ridge.”

But, without good grains, Brown said, “you are not going to get quality bourbon.” Their bourbon’s mash bill is a secret, but it has a high mix of corn, as well as locally grown rye.

Their butter pecan bourbon cream, made with pecans grown by a local farmer, pays homage to Dockweiler’s family, who also grew the nuts, a Georgia favorite.

While you wait on Doc Brown’s straight bourbon, the three varieties of bourbon cream (39-proof, 750-millileter bottles for $34.99) are available at retailers in Georgia. Find out more at docbrownfarm.com.