The secret to the BEST bourbon with Hoss

Greg Key of Hoss and Amy Brown of Doc Brown Farm talking bourbon

The other day, we had the pleasure of hosting Greg Key from Hoss down here at the farm. Hoss is a company that encourages people to get their hands into the earth and grow their own food, and they supply everything you need to do it – garden tools, supplies, seed stock and more. The team at Hoss also posts loads of useful information on YouTube and social media helping people get the best results.

As farmers, their message chimes with our own – nothing tastes quite as good as food fresh from the farm, or from your garden. Like us, Hoss is based in Georgia and we think of Greg and the gang as neighbors.

Why were they down on the farm? Well, one of the corn stocks Hoss sells is heirloom Jimmy Red and, as a matter of fact, we bought our original seeds from them. The corn in our fields today is descended from those seeds. So, we showed them around, introduced them to our crops and talked about how we turn those beautiful red pearls of corn into bourbon with a difference.

Greg is the nicest guy and he truly gets the farm fresh ethos and our seed-to-still process. You can watch the video below, and check out the Hoss website here.

A big thank-you goes out to the team at Hoss for taking the time to come and see us, and for spreading the word about our farm, our distillery and our bourbon.