The Janice Marie Old Fashioned

I get my love for Orange Marmalade from my mother, Janice Marie Brown…..On Saturday mornings she would make a can of ‘whomp’um’ biscuits…the buttery flakey kind….and while hot out of the oven she would throw a dot of butter in between the flakes and let that butter melt….then, we would add Orange Marmalade and sausage….that sweet and salty combo is still one of my favorite southern meals….so, this is the Janice Marie Old Fashioned…..and y’all, it’s ok to have it on a Saturday morning with your biscuit……

2 oz Bourbon

1/4 oz of Orange Marmalade syrup* (see syrup recipe below)

2 dashes of bitters

Orange Peel for garnish

*To make syrup, heat 5 ounces of Orange Marmalade and 1 0z of water gently in a saucepan until it reaches a syrup like consistency.  Strain and bottle syrup.