Uncle Bunk’s Famous Eggnog

Family, it’s what life is all about…..especially gathering together during the Holiday’s and at Christmas….Uncle Bunk never disappointed the children with his homemade toys nor the adults when he brought in his famous eggnog in old milk jars…..follow his recipe to a “T” and we promise you will have a Merry Christmas Eve….



4 cups of Bourbon

2 1/4 cups of sugar

12 large egg yolks

8 cups of heavy cream


Pour bourbon into large mixing bowl.  Stir in sugar and let sit for several hours.  Overnight, if you can wait….

Beat egg yolks until they are an ugly yellow color.  Fold them into the bourbon and sugar mixture.  Let sit for two hours if you can wait….

Whip the heavy cream until very stiff, fold into bourbon and egg mixture.  Let sit for one hour if you can wait….

Enjoy with those you love….if you ain’t drank it all…

Mixture may be cut in half if you are clever and know how to divide 2 1/4 by two!!!